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Payment Plan Payments / Payment for Costs.

The payments you make here as part of your payment plan will be placed in a Client Trust Account. The reason this money is placed in a Client Trust Account is because the money remains yours until it is earned as Attorney fees or used towards necessary administrative and/or court costs.

Allan Salinas Law Offices Online Payments

Retainer for Limited Scope Services and/or

Virtual Estate Planning  Services:

For your retainer agreement to be effective and Attorney to be available for the time period stated in retainer agreement, the initial retainer fee (and/or annual fee if small business retainer) must be paid to Law Firm upon execution of the written agreement.


The retainer is not refundable and is earned on the date when Attorney receives it, whether or not any services are performed during the retainer period. If Attorney performs any services during the retainer period, the Attorney’s hourly fees of usually $200.00 an hour will be credited against the retainer fee. Periodic invoices are available upon client's request.

Retainer Payment

We accept credit card and eCheck payments. Clients may make payment plan payments or retainer payments by selecting the appropriate link below. If you have scheduled a consultation with the attorney, and are making a payment in advance deposits to cover ongoing attorney fees and/costs per your written agreement with the attorney , please select the invoice payment option.

By clicking the payment links below you will leave our website and will be directed to LawPay for credit card and eCheck processing.  We do not collect or store any credit card or bank account information.

This service is for existing clients ONLY. If a payment cannot be matched to an existing account, we will reject the charge. The only way you can secure legal representation by the lawyer is by receipt of an engagement letter or agreement by an authorized representative of The Law Offices of Allan K. Salinas.